OUR STORY – Seward Precision Ltd.

Our continued growth led us to moving into a new purpose built 12,000ft factory giving us plenty of scope for future expansion. We also added an automated loader to our Bystronic Laser, giving us more lights out capacity, resulting in the addition of another four team members.


The growth of the company led to the purchase of a Bystronic Fibre Laser which enabled us to cope the additional laser cutting demands we experienced during the year. We also replaced our production software with a new system ERP system supplied by DNA Ltd, as well as an enormous number of additional features this has given us total instant visibility of the whole production process, allowing us to know at what stage every job is at all times.


We invested in an offline programming system for our Amada Press brakes, giving us added flexibility in the folding department, any job can be run on any machine without reprogramming and at our busiest times we where able to produce programs for the Press Brakes while they were all fully operational.


Fabco was acquired by Seward Precision giving us the ability produce complete sheet metal assemblies for the first time. Fabrication welding and painting are services we have not previously been able to offer. We also added a fully automated Amada Tower to our F1 Laser giving full 24/7 lights out production capability.

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