Punching in manufacturing – what is it and how does it work?

Metal Fabrication Services – Metal Punching is a valuable part of our fabrication services

Punching is a metalworking process used in manufacturing to create holes, notches, and other features in sheet metal and other materials. It can be performed either by hand or using a machine (a punch press). While hand-punching tools are still available and are used by some companies, it is now a lot more common to use a punch press. By using a machine, we can punch a hole through thicker, harder materials.

A punch press applies pressure to a punch and die set. The punch is a tool with a pointed or rounded end, and the die is a tool with a hole or cavity that matches the shape of the desired hole/feature.

The metal workpiece is aligned between the tools, and once ready the punching tool is driven down into the workpiece, removing a piece of metal the same shape as the die.

Punching is a popular process in manufacturing because it offers unique advantages when compared to other similar processes. It’s an incredibly versatile, fast, consistent, and cost-effective process, that provides high-quality results.

Punching is used in the production of metals for a wide range of industries, from automotive, to aerospace, construction, etc.

At Seward Precision we provide expert metal fabrication services, including laser cutting, punching, folding, fabrication, welding, and painting.

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