How does press braking add value to our fabrication services?

Metal Fabrication Services – Press braking is a valuable part of our fabrication services

A press braking machine allows us to bend or form sheet metal into a desired shape. Commonly known as metal forming, it works by following a CAD/CAM design and clamping the sheet metal between a punch and die. During this process, sheet metal is loaded into the machine, and the upper die is lowered in order to push against the metal. With enough time, the metal can then forge into the desired position.

Press braking is used in several sectors and industries, most commonly in construction and engineering. The biggest advantage of press braking is how flexible a process it is. It allows for manufacturing any part in any size or shape, at a significantly lower cost than other manual operations. Press braking also allows for a much faster operation.

Press brake machines are also extremely smooth and accurate to guarantee expectations are met.

At Seward Precision we provide expert metal fabrication services, including laser cutting, punching, folding, fabrication, welding, and painting.

We can carry out a vast amount of workload in a short period of time, without ever compromising on quality. We do it fast and we do it well.

Our press braking machines have been designed with the latest technological advances in mind, making the bending process comfortable and fast. They provide us with maximum efficiency and great reliability.

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